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Rigid Casters

A wheel mounted to a stationary fork with an axle and nut that allows the cart or equipment to roll but will restrict lateral movement.

Swivel Casters

Similar to the rigid in that it is a wheel mounted to a fork, but the swivel will have a pivot to allow the wheel to rotate freely to help with movement and steering.

Locking Casters

Locking casters are usually but not always swivel. These casters are equipped with a brake mechanism to prevent the wheel from rolling when activated.

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Industrial Equipment & Service is a family owned business founded by Sue Zugbaum in 1978 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, Kevin carries on the tradition of excellence. In the 40 years since our inception, we have become the leader in the Caster industry by having a dedicated caster specialist involved in every stage, from purchase to shipment. Our nationally recognized team has well over 100 years of combined product knowledge and experience. Industrial Equipment & Service is the right choice for Casters, Wheels & Material Handling products

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